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Are Your Company’s Copyrights And Trade Secrets Well Guarded?

If you create goods or offer services, the real value-add for your customer is in what sets those goods and services apart. Differences in how you create items and their features – even nontangible goods like training processes, artwork and software code – are all protected by the United States copyright and trade secret laws.

If you are concerned that your competitors are using your copyrighted material or that there is an issue with trade secrets, be proactive; reach out right away to Keough Law, PLLC, at 866-603-4071. Attorney Shaun Keough has the experience and fortitude to protect your business interests wherever you have market share.

What Constitutes Copyrightable Material?

Written, drawn or recorded material like video or audio recordings all can benefit from copyright. Some examples of copyrighted materials include:

  • Music recordings
  • Paintings
  • Software code
  • Process documents like workplace handbooks

The copyright process protects creative items like these from reuse, undue adaptation or another type of infringement.

When Does A Process Innovation Become A Trade Secret?

When your business develops a process unique to your company, such as a way to process documents or a new chemical use, especially if your company depends upon this to create new, innovative goods or services, you likely have a trade secret.

Creating a legal framework that protects those innovations can preserve your long-term profitability and create an advantageous structure for your business.

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