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With Aggressive Trademark Defense

Embracing Trademark Laws Keeps Your Brand Distinct From The Competition

The right combination of naming, marketing and branding can be the key to success for businesses, particularly those competing in crowded or competitive markets.

Keough Law, PLLC, based in Orlando, supports businesses across the United States when their branding is under threat. Whether your business is establishing your claim to a trademark or you are pursuing your rights under the law, take advantage of the firm’s reputation, knowledge and experience.

The Benefits Of Protecting Your Trademark

Companies across America depend on trademark law to set them apart from other companies and to help create distinct identities for their business and products. Trademarks can include everything from a slogan to a product name, or even mascots and symbols.

Keough Law, PLLC, is known for trademark law and litigation services, including:

  • Registering trademarks in accordance with federal registration standards
  • Establishing trademark rights abroad and disputing importation of goods that infringe on existing trademarks
  • Protecting trademarks from infringement, including infringement upon nonregistered trademark properties
  • Providing evidence of existing trademark under common-use laws

When another business encroaches on that hard-won market share through trademark infringement, Keough Law, PLLC, can help establish your rights to your brand identity and restore your place in the field.

Work With One Of The Country’s True Trademark Defenders

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